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Argon is committed to engineering quality products that are carefully designed to maintain long-term bone health. The development of our K3Pro® implant system includes the broadest selection of prosthetic components on today’s market.

Numerous studies have proven the clinical and esthetic results of our products.

Choose any below to learn more.

Comprehensive Research Document

This document summarizes three studies and includes eight case examples showing the quality of Argon’s K3Pro® implant products and how they maintain long-term bone health. + More Information

Implant Surface Analysis

A study on 23 different titanium implant systems completed by the University of Cologne, Germany and the European Association of Dental Implantology found that the K3Pro® Rapid and Sure implants show no significant traces of inorganic or organic residues. + More Information

Micro-Movements and Micro-Pump Effect

The University of Frankfurt and Main found that no micro-gap or micro-pump effect exists between K3Pro® implants and abutments. + More Information

Osteoactive Surface Examination

An independent study completed by the DAP, the German Accreditation System for testing, found that no contaminations were found in Argon’s K3Pro® implants.+ More Information


Argon Abutment Removal Tool Animation

Learn step-by-step how to use Argon’s abutment removal tool.
+ More Information

Argon Rapid & Sure Implant Features & Benefits

Learn about what the K3Pro® Rapid and Sure implants have to offer.
+ More Information

CT Guided Implant Placement Surgery

See a guided implant placement from start to finish.
+ More Information

Immediate Extraction Implant Placement Surgery – Anterior

Watch an anterior implant placement up-close. + More Information

Immediate Extraction Implant Placement – Posterior

Watch a posterior implance placement up-close. + More Information

How to select a Finder Abutment

Learn what goes into selecting and using the right finder abutment for your case.
+ More Information

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