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O-Pak Oral Surgery Drape Pack

A200-3000 Closed A200-3000 Open

The O-Pak sterile oral surgery drape pack contains 6 sterile packs per box. The sterile and latex free drape pack helps maintain a clear and safe surgical environment preventing infections or cross contamination.

Each O-Pak Oral Surgery Drape Pack Includes:

  • 2 Procedure gowns, universal size
  • 2 Face masks with ties
  • 2 Absorbent cotton scrub towels, 20 x 40cm
  • 1 Impervious patient drape with tape, 112 x 152cm
  • 2 Patient bouffant caps
  • 2 Table / mayo stand covers with adhesive tape, 70 x 75cm
  • 1 Absorbent O/R towel
  • 4 Light handle/chair button barrio films
  • 1 Saliva ejector
  • 1 Surgical ejector
  • 1 Surgical aspirator tip
  • 2 Cotton tip applicators
  • 25 Gauze swabs
  • 1 Surgical instrument tray
  • 1 Medical wrapping sheet, 90 x 90 cm

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