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Lingual Screw Abutment (EAZ)

  • This abutment is ideal for screw-retained crowns as it avoids the occlusal access hole
  • Horizontal lingual set screw fixes the crown to the abutment
  • Abutment requires a horizontal lingual set screw and screw ring (not included)
  • 30° abutments are to be used in splint restorations only; do not use in single tooth restorations
  • Available Gingival Heights: (GH) 0.5 – 1.5 mm
  • Available Angulations: 0° – 10° – 20° – 30°

2mm Platform – Red

Torque Recommendations

  • 15-20 Ncm (2mm platform)
EAZ Yellow and Blue

3mm Platform – Yellow

Torque Recommendations

  • 25-30 Ncm (3mm platform)
EAZ Yellow and Blue

Short Platform – Blue

Torque Recommendations

  • 15-20 Ncm (2mm platform and short)

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