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Ustomed Argon Advanced Surgical Kit

Our Ustomed Argon Advanced Surgical Kit includes the following items:

  • Scalpel handle, 15cm, round shaped, smooth handle
  • JOSEPH, suture-/gum scissors, 14cm, curved, SC
  • Tissue forceps, 16cm, straight, 1 x 2 teeth, delicate
  • COLLEGE, modified, tweezers, 15cm, strong pattern
  • CRILE-WOOD, needle holder, 15cm, TC
  • BARRAQUER, micro needle hold., 18cm, curved, TC
  • CAWOOD-MINNESOTA, cheek retractor, 15.5cm
  • LANGENBECK, retractor, size 4, 40 x 11mm
  • MINI-Lambotte, osteotome, 13cm, 4mm, straight, s.
  • LUCAS, bone curette, 17cm, serrated, size 86, PEEK handle
  • Mouth mirror handle, octagonal, solid
  • UNC, periodontal probe CP15
  • Mod. B., fine papilla raspatory
  • KASAJ, tunneling knife, 20cm, straight
  • KASAJ, tunneling knife, Micro, 19cm, curved
  • USTOMED, washing basket, Series 3, Full-Size, crosswise

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