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Argon K3Pro™ Rapid (Wide)

  • Wide Implants are for immediate extraction implant placement, non-guided. Indicated for molars.
  • Deep (4.2mm) abutment connection, a large contact area between the abutment and implant, allowing better load distribution
  • 1.5° (3° total) Morse taper connection provides mechanical stability and a bacterial seal
  • Bacterial seal is free from micro-movement and micro-gaps
  • Internal hex allows precise internal positioning, anti-rotational lock
  • Beveled/sloping shoulder design removes pressure from the crestal portion of the bone, facilitating bone growth above the shoulder
  • OsteoActive® surface for faster and ensured osseointegration
  • Self-tapping threads and cutting groves allow for easy insertion and optimum initial stabilization
  • Tapered design

3mm Platform – Yellow

Wide Implant Sizes

  • Diameters (mm) 7.0 & 8.0
  • Lengths (mm) 8, 9, 11

Download the Argon Implant Expert Guide

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Download the Implant Expert Guide
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