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Predictable Implants

Fully-guided implant surgery allows you to achieve more accurate, predictable implant placement from start-to-finish.

Best Care Possible

Your patients are your number one priority, and we are here to ensure that you can provide them with the best care possible.

Our fully guided options direct you through every step of the journey, from ensuring precise implant placement to providing detailed surgical plans for predictable restorative results, and customized products to enhance every smile. Utilizing CBCT guided implant surgery technology allows you to increase the accuracy of implant placement as you can plan according to your patient’s individual anatomy and position the planned restoration before even performing implant placement surgery, creating an ideal treatment plan.

Custom treatment planning leads to predictable implant placement.

Beginning with an accurate polyvinyl or digital impression, and a CBCT Scan, you can utilize our in-house treatment planning services to precisely plan your dental implant placement and restoration from start-to-finish. Together, we plan your patient’s dental implants using state-of-the art software that provides a 360° view of the bone morphology which allows easy identification of the optimal implant position based on available bone, soft tissue thickness, vital structures, anatomy of the root and the proximity of adjacent teeth.

CBCT guided surgery also allows your patients to become more involved in their own treatment plan. Many patients find the ability to see their virtual treatment plan interesting, thus making it a great tool for you to explain possible treatment options while addressing any concerns they may have. Providing this level of education can also lead to greater acceptance of your treatment plan proposal. Once the treatment plan is approved, the CBCT surgical guide is fabricated, along with a step-by-step drilling protocol that includes the three stages of surgery.

Accurate placement leads to predictable implant results

Like every recipe, you need to begin with the right ingredients and follow the instructions to get the best predictable outcome.

That’s why we engineered our Argon K3Pro™ fully guided surgical system drills and surgical guides to include depth stop and angulation for an overall easier implant placement process. As an added benefit, our Argon K3Pro™ implants can be placed directly through the surgical guide which leads to predictable implant placement results.

Download the Argon Implant Expert Guide

Gain vital implant insights that will take your implant process and knowledge to the next level.

Download the Implant Expert Guide
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