Top 4 Benefits of Dental Implant Guides For Your Dental Practice

September 15, 2023

Dental implant surgical guides are designed to ensure precise dental implant placement. A tooth-supported CBCT dental implant guide fits onto the patient’s teeth, allowing a dentist to accurately place an implant based on the patient’s bone morphology

A surgical dental guide is based on digital impressions or imagery, and accurately indicates the position and angle at which the dental implant should be placed. There are primarily three types of dental implant guides – tooth-supported, mucosa-supported, and bone-supported guides.

Dental implant guides are revolutionizing the dental implant planning process. No wonder dental practices and hospitals around the world use them for implant placement.

Here are some ways dental implant guides can benefit your dental practice.

Accurate Placement

Dental implant placement could be very tricky even for the most skilled and experienced dental surgeons. An improperly placed dental implant can do more harm than good. It can cause discomfort and pain. Some potential complications associated with poor dental implant positioning include interproximal bone loss, reduced papilla height, and atypical prostheses.

Problems caused by a misplaced dental implant can lead to distrust, and the patient may recommend their friends, family members, and colleagues against using the service. Negative word of mouth can be very damaging to a dental practice.

Dental implant guides can help reduce the risk of improper dental implant placement. Accurate dental implant placement increases patient trust, comfort, and satisfaction.

Simplify the Process

CBCT Dental implant guides have made dental implant procedures less complicated. They can minimize the need for invasive procedures and help shorten recovery time. Advanced dental implant guides make dentists’ job easier by following predetermined trajectories according to the treatment plan.

Faster Procedures

Dental implant guides can help fastrack the dental implant placement process by digitizing the workflow. A dental implant guide lets the doctor know exactly where the implant should go, leading to a predictable outcome and improved patient satisfaction.

Better Treatment Outcomes

Utilizing guided surgery software along with treatment planning services helps dentists develop an in-depth understanding of even the most complex cases. They provide important information that dentists can use to plan surgeries better. A solid treatment plan helps prevent mistakes and improve treatment outcomes.

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