Reasons Why You Should Consider Placing K3 Pro Implants

September 12, 2023

Argon’s K3Pro® dental implant is one of the most sought-after dental implant systems on the market. The K3 Pro is designed to stimulate bone growth, which reduces the risk of peri-implantitis.

Here are some compelling reasons to place K3Pro® implants.

Generate More Revenue

The K3Pro® features self-tapping threads and cutting groves that allow for easier insertion and can help simplify implant placement. K3Pro® surgical guides and surgical system drills simplify the process even further. Easier implant placement=shorter surgery time, which means you can perform multiple surgeries in a day. More surgeries = more revenue.

Also, the shorter surgeries last, the more time you get to spend with your patients. Longer appointments give you opportunities to identify and analyze the root causes of the problems your patients are struggling with. Patients who do not feel rushed through appointments feel more satisfied and are highly likely to recommend you to their acquaintances.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Every dental surgeon should make an effort to ensure patient satisfaction. Satisfied patients will spread the word about your dental practice. Here are some ways the K3Pro® dental implant system can help improve patient satisfaction

  • Reduced risk of bacterial infection: Argon’s K3Pro® dental implant system offers a 4.2mm deep conical connection to prevent bacteria growth and promote osseointegration. A large contact area between the abutment and implant allows better load distribution, helping reduce stress on bones and improving treatment outcomes
  • Morse Taper connection: A unique feature of the K3Pro® is a 1.5° Morse taper connection designed to provide mechanical stability between the implant and abutment. The connection offers a bacterial seal free from micro-movements and micro-gaps. Morse taper connection can help prevent complications and marginal bone loss
  • Custom treatment planning: Argon offers top notch treatment planning services aimed at improving treatment outcomes. Argon’s state-of-the-art software provides a 360° view of bone morphology helping dental surgeons identify the optimal K3 Pro implant location. With this approach, its easier to explain possible treatment outcomes to your patients. When patients have an understanding of the process, they know what to expect
  • Natural Feel and Appearance: K3Pro® implants are designed to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, and can help improve patient confidence. They allow people to enjoy their favorite foods and drinks. Patients have peace of mind that comes with knowing that their jawbone will remain intact and won’t degrade. Improved treatment outcomes = improved patient satisfaction.

Argon Dental is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of people with missing teeth. Our advanced dental implant systems, including the K3Pro®, are the next best thing to real teeth. To learn more, call 844-484-4998.