Getting Started With Implants Series: The Power of Using Guides

March 15, 2024

Fully guided implant surgery offers various advantages. It utilizes advanced imaging and planning technologies to enable the precise placement of a dental implant in the USA, thereby minimizing the risk of complications and improving surgical outcomes.

Why Use Surgical Guides?

Surgical guides help dentists better plan implant surgeries to reduce trauma to the surrounding tissues and speed up healing. With surgical guides, dentists can achieve desired esthetic and functional outcomes. Also, patients who undergo fully guided implant surgeries usually experience less discomfort than those who undergo surgeries performed using traditional methods.

Surgical Guides by Argon Dental: Revolutionizing Dental Implant Surgery

Argon Dental offers a world-class dental implant systems. Every dental implant manufactured at our facility undergoes rigorous testing. We work closely with dentists to create customized surgical guides that allow them to precisely plan implant surgeries for their patients from beginning to end.

Our guided surgical process provides dentists with assistance every step of the way – from creating a detailed plan to developing tailored solutions to restore their patients’ smiles. CBCT-guided implant surgery technology allows surgeons to plan procedures according to their patients’ dental anatomy and plan for the final restoration before they perform implant placement surgery.

Effective Treatment Planning = Better Outcomes

Dentists can utilize CBCT scans, accurate polyvinyl or digital impressions, and our treatment planning services to plan dental restoration procedures from start to finish. Our state-of-the-art software helps our team and dental surgeons analyze bone morphology and determine the optimal implant position based on various parameters such as soft tissue thickness, proximity of adjacent teeth, and bone volume.

One of the many benefits of CBCT-guided surgery is that it allows patients to participate in the treatment planning process. Dentists can use treatment planning tools to show patients their virtual treatment plans and explain possible treatment options. These tools also aid dentists in addressing any concerns their patients may have. Once a treatment plan is approved, our team fabricates the CBCT surgical guide and provides a step-by-step drilling protocol.

Argon K3Pro™ Dental Implant System: A Game Changer in the Realm of Implant Dentistry

The K3Pro™ Dental Implant System consists of surgical drills and surgical guides that provide a depth stop and help clinicians determine the correct angles at which implants should be positioned. Argon K3Pro™ implants can be placed directly using our surgical guides to achieve the desired outcome.

Argon Dental USA™ is the authorized distributor of dental implants designed and manufactured in Argon’s headquarters in Germany. We are proud to have made a difference in the lives of thousands of people worldwide through our dental implant systems. Need help planning a dental implant procedure? Call 844-484-4998.