Accurate Placement: Dental Surgical Guide

July 25, 2023

Dental implants have revolutionized restorative dentistry. They preserve bone health, help restore chewing and speaking abilities, improve confidence, and preserve adjacent teeth.

One of the most important factors that affect dental implant success is whether implants were placed correctly. Improper implant positioning can lead to esthetic, biological, and technical complications.

Argon’s Fully Guided Surgical System: A Game Changer

Argon Dental is committed to helping dentists. Our revolutionary Argon K3Pro™ Fully Guided Surgical System is designed to simplify the procedure of placing dental implants. Developed in Germany, the system features a design that exemplifies German engineering excellence.

The system comes equipped with high-precision drills designed to include depth stop and angulation to make the placement process easier and less complicated. Dentists can also place our Argon K3Pro™ implants directly through the surgical guide when following the fully-guided protocol. Based on patients’ CT scans and planning input from our team of experts we can create a customized surgical guide that maximizes the potential for the best restorative outcome.

Every surgical guide has a surgical protocol that details the drilling sequence, rpm, and torque recommendations.

Our Dental Implant Planning Services

Dental implant placement can be a complex endeavor. Improper implant placement can affect restorative outcomes. We work with dentists to develop effective treatment plans that focus on providing the best restorative outcome for patients. Our team uses advanced software that provides a 360° view of the bone morphology, helping identify the optimal insertion angle and position for implants.

After we have completed planning the case together with the doctor, the doctor signs a copy of the disclaimer form and the surgical guide is fabricated.

Our certified milling center, Dental Crafters, uses details of the dentist’s treatment plan and tissue scans to develop custom products (such as custom temporary crowns and abutments) that are faster and easier to seat. These products help improve patient experience and achieve desired esthetic outcomes.

Argon Dental USA is the sole distributor of Argon’s K3Pro dental implant products developed and manufactured in Germany. The K3Pro dental implant incorporates the latest dental implant technology designed to help ensure accurate placement. To learn more, call 844-484-4998.