Getting Started With Implants Series: Education and Case Selection

February 15, 2024

Implants must be placed accurately, or they may fail to serve their purpose. Malpositioned implants can do more harm than good, causing damage to vital structures such as blood vessels and nerves. They can also lead to biological and esthetic complications, and, in some cases, make the desired prosthetic rehabilitation impossible to achieve.

Argon Dental offers a world-class dental implant systems designed to improve osseointegration and reduce healing time. Our dental implant guides help dentists plan implant surgeries from start to finish. The Argon K3Pro™ world-class dental implant system, includes fully guided drills that work in unison with dental implant guides to help dentists achieve desired surgical outcomes.

Keep Your Skills Relevant With Continuing Education

Implantology has come a long way and is still evolving. Dentists should commit to continuous learning and stay on top of technology trends, or they may face redundancy. Here are some ways in which dentists can improve their knowledge base. 

➢  Join Study Clubs: Local dental societies and dental groups regularly invite eminent dentists to deliver lectures on various topics surrounding dental implants. A lecture by an experienced dental surgeon can provide valuable insights.

➢ Attend Webinars: Attend webinars delivered by knowledgeable dentists. Many webinars allow participants to ask questions and use interactive tools to interact with the experts delivering lectures.

➢ Read Blog Posts and Listen to Podcasts: Read blog posts written by experts and listen to podcasts, like the Dental Guys, delivered by eminent dentists to stay updated on the latest advances in implant dentistry.

➢ Read Current Literature Publications and Textbooks: Read current articles and textbooks (example: Zero Bone Loss Concepts by Dr. Tomas Linkevičius) on implantology topics.

➢ Join a CE Course: An effective dental continuing education course, like Restorative Driven Implants, can equip you with advanced skills, helping you become future-ready.

Utilize Implant Surgical Guides

Dental implant guides help dentists plan and perform implant surgeries efficiently. At Argon Dental USA, we work with dentists to develop tailored implant guides that help them use drills properly for accurate implant placement.

Invest in the Right Armamentarium 

Argon Dental offers a world-class dental implant systems (K3Pro), Surgical Esthetics Biologics, Ustomed Surgical Instrumentation, Bien Air Surgical Motor, etc. To learn more, call 844-484-4998.