Getting Started With Implants Series: Choosing the Right Dental Implant System

May 15, 2024

Over the years, dental implants have transformed millions of lives around the world. The best dental implant systems restore chewing efficiency, help users overcome speech difficulties that result from missing teeth, preserve jawbone and facial structure, and improve oral health. They look and feel like natural teeth and can fill gaps left by missing teeth.

When it comes to dental restorations, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A dental implant system that works wonders in one case can fail to deliver desired results in another. Dentists should consider their patients’ dental anatomy, bone quality, and treatment goals when choosing osseointegrated dental implants to ensure they are a good fit.

Here are some tips for selecting the right dental implant for a patient.

Research and Compare

Research different dental implant systems on the market. Study their features, find out their success rates, and learn about the materials used to understand their capabilities better.

Consider Compatibility

Make sure the dental implant system is compatible with abutments, prosthetics, and other restorative components you use.

Consult Peers

Reach out to colleagues who have experience performing dental implant surgeries. Try to understand how different implant systems work.

Cost Considerations

When calculating the total cost of a dental implant system, remember to consider long-term maintenance costs. Utilize a dental implant systems that offers value for money.

Seek Feedback From Patients

Consider seeking feedback from your patients who have already had dental implants surgically placed in their jawbones. Ask them if they’re satisfied with the results and how the implants have improved their quality of life. Use insights from customer satisfaction interviews and surveys to identify top-performing and reliable implant systems.

K3Pro™ Dental Implants by Argon Stand Out From the Rest

There are five types of K3Pro™ dental implant systems – K3Pro™ Short, K3Pro™ Rapid, K3Pro™ Sure, K3Pro™ Compress, and K3Pro™ Rapid (wide). Each type is designed to maintain bone height and tissue length.

  The K3Pro™ Short is ideal for maxilla cases to avoid the sinus or mandible cases with limited bone height.

The K3Pro™ Rapid can be used for all types of bones.

The K3Pro™ Sure is usually used for patients who need sinus surgery.

The K3Pro™ Compress helps ensure better primary stability in softer bones.

The K3Pro™ Rapid Wide can be placed immediately after an extraction.

Here are some salient features of  K3Pro™ implants that set them apart:

  Deep abutment connection for better load distribution.

1.5° abutment connection provides a bacterial seal and improves stability.

Osteo®Active surface ensures better osseointegration.

Beveled or shoulder sloping shoulder design reduces pressure on the crestal part of the bone, helping ensure bone growth.

The bacterial seal is devoid of micro gaps.

Internal hex makes it easier to place the abutments and screws.

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