Frequently Asked Questions About the Argon K3Pro Implant

October 16, 2023

  1. What type of Driver do you need?

    • Our Driver is a 1.2mm/.048 Hex
  2. What is the Implant and platform size?

  3. Can you submit your own abutment design?

  4. Can you purchase a Stock Abutment?

  5. Do you know about our Morse Taper Connection?

    • The Argon K3 dental Implant system connects the implant and the abutment with a 1.5 degree (total 3 degree) Morse Taper which gives an optimal load displacement from the abutment to the implant. Because of the connection you will need an instrument to remove the abutment from the analog or implant. This tool is an Abutment Removal Tool and is unique to the Argon K3 system and the Internal platform.
  6. When designing the crown, we recommend that the abutment be torqued on the model, this will give you the best design with minimal contact and occlusion adjustments for the Restoring Doctor.

    • Recommended Torque on model:
      • 2mm (red) 15
      • 3mm (yellow) 25
      • 3mm Short (blue) 15
    • Recommended Final Restoration Torque for the Doctor
      • 2mm (red) 20
      • 3mm (yellow) 30
      • 3mm Short (blue) 20