A Complete Range of Solutions

August 18, 2023

Argon Dental offers a range of dental implant solutions designed to help dentists successfully plan dental implant surgeries.

We also offer Surgical Esthetics products to include: non-absorbable collagen membranes, absorbable collagen membranes,and other products that help preserve bone vitality and correct defects that affect teeth morphology.

➢    Non-absorbable Collagen Membranes- Help preserve the ridge after extraction, repair periodontal defects, and guide bone (GBR) and tissue regeneration (GTR). They can be easily trimmed and adapted to tissue contours. Their microporous structure inhibits bacterial penetration. Surgical Esthetics non-absorbable collagen membranes allows interstitial fluid flow to speed up the healing process

➢    Absorbable Collagen Membranes- In addition to helping with extraction ridge preservation and periodontal defect repair, absorbable collagen membranes promote bone regeneration around teeth and implants. Dental surgeons often use them when performing vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation procedures

➢    Bone Allograft Putty- Helps with ridge preservation, and augmentation. It is often used during lateral and crestal sinus lift procedures. Surgical Esthetics’ bone allograft putty is devoid of any fillers or additives and is available with pre-mixed bone graft particulate chips.

➢    Bone Allograft Particulates- The macroporous particulate structure promotes cellular ingrowth while fostering favorable resorption. This purified osteoconductive material is produced from natural bone through a multi-step purification process.  This material is ideal for sinus elevation, repairing periodontal defects, vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation and advanced guided bone regeneration (GBR).

➢    Bone Allograft Sponges- Can be used during ridge preservation, sinus augmentation, vertical and horizontal ridge augmentation, and advanced guided bone regeneration (GBR). procedures.  Surgical Esthetics’  bone allograft sponges do not contain fillers or additives and can be trimmed to size. They have a soft texture which does not perforate soft tissue.

Bien Air Surgical Motors: Helping Dentists Perform Surgeries With Ease 

iChiropro 1700400-001 Premium

Comes with a console, tubing, foot pedal, iPad, and 20:1 Micro-Series LED. It has pre-programmed operating sequences and can be linked with CoDiagnostix implant planning software. Simply choose a sequence, and the system will walk you through the procedure. The 1700400-001 Premium allows you to save and export your surgery reports with a single click.

Pro-Implant 1700768-001 LED

The contents of the system includes a foot pedal, tubing, a console, and 20:1 LED.
The cost effective system provides intuitive navigation.

Argon Dental USA brings to you a range of world-class dental implant systems developed in Germany. To learn more, call 844-484-4998.