An Expert Guide on Setting and Using a Torque Wrench

December 18, 2023

Whatever the type and brand of torque wrench you use to secure attachments safely, clean it regularly. A well-maintained, implant torque wrench can help reduce the risk of infection, improving patient experience. Calibrate your torque wrench regularly and set the right torque value before surgery. Avoid over-torquing the abutment, as it can break inside the implant.

Caring For Your Argon K3Pro™ Torque Wrench

Disassemble Your Torque Wrench

To clean your torque wrench, you first need to disassemble it. Follow these steps to take your torque wrench apart.

STEP 1: Turn the tail end of the torque wrench counterclockwise until it disconnects.

STEP 2: Remove the spring from the shaft of the tail end.

STEP 3: Hold the wrench from the middle and pull it towards you to remove it from the head.

STEP 4: Turn the head of the torque wrench.

STEP 5: Gently grab and pull the two tabs on each side of the headpiece down.

STEP 6: Once you have pulled tabs on both sides of the headpiece down, the CAM part of the torque wrench will fall out of the head.

You now have five separate pieces ready to be cleaned and sterilized.

Steps to Clean Your Torque Wrench

STEP 1: Place the parts of your torque wrench in an ultrasonic cleaner.

STEP 2: Next, hold a part under running water and clean it using a brush. Repeat the process for other parts to remove debris from them.

STEP 3: Check parts for damage and corrosion and place them in a sterile wrap or bag.

STEP 4: Shrink wrap your surgical tray separately and place it and the parts of your torque wrench in the sterilization unit. Sterilize for four minutes at 270°F.

Steps to Assemble Your Torque Wrench

STEP 1: Hold the head of the torque wrench and place the CAM part, flange side up, into the hole at the top of the head. Pull down the tabs, allowing the CAM to slide into its place.

STEP 2: Slide the middle part of the torque wrench into the head.

STEP 3: Place the spring down the tail portion’s shaft.

STEP 4: To attach the two portions, insert the threaded head portion into the tail portion. Turn the tail part clockwise until you can see the black line in the measurement window.

Your torque wrench is now fully assembled.

How to Properly Use a Torque Wrench?

Follow these tips to use your torque wrench in the correct manner, ensuring the proper application of force during implant placement.

➢ Take the time to understand torque values. Use the right setting to ensure the implant isn’t too tightly secured or too loose.

➢ Inspect the torque wrench for cleanliness and signs of damage before using it.

➢ Always apply torque in a slow and controlled manner.

➢ Make sure you’re using the right tip or adapter.

Setting the Torque Value

➢ If you use a click-type torque wrench, rotate its handle to adjust the torque setting.

➢ A digital torque wrench has buttons and a digital display that can be used to set the torque value.

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