Short Platform- Blue

UCLA Abutments (UCLA)

  • Abutment for the fabrication of an individual casted alloy
    abutment with individual Emergence profile
  • Abutment for Front and Cisors with 2mm platform
    and use in all areas with 3mm platform
  • Fabrication of cemented dental prosthesis
  • Precision-fit burn-out/wax-Up POM cap
  • Abutment Cylinder Height offers optimal connection to cast-abutment
  • Retention grooves and flattening on the cylinder of the
    abutment allow for anti-rotation of the individual cast
    abutment through the POM cap or Wax-Up.
  • 1.5° Conical Connection for stability and bacterial seal
  • Circular Abutment Shoulder fulfils high esthetic demands
  • Gingival Height (GH): 1.5 mm
  • Recommended for Telescopic Restorations and individual modulations
  • Variable:
    Available without hex
  • Torque Recommendations: 15-20 Ncm (short platform)

Picture Item # Description Angulation Gingival Height (MM)
Picture of UCLA500015.H/3Pro UCLA500015.H/3Pro

5.0 x 1.5mm 0° Cast/ UCLA Abutment with 3mm Post - Hex

Picture of GAG_AH01 GAG_AH01

Cast Cap for UCLA Abutments

Picture of AS.K3Pro_S1.6/Set AS.K3Pro_S1.6/Set

K3Pro Screw for Short implants w/ 3mm Well, Set of 2