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The Argon K3Pro™ subcrestal implant system offers a steep 4.2mm conical connection with a 1.5° (total 3°) True Morse Taper.

The Best Possible Clinical and Esthetic Results, Verified.


Example case for tooth #11 featuring a two-stage approach. First surgically preparing the site for an implant. Second, to re-grow the buccal bone, and re-access the implant at about 6 months for an implant crown. Finally, replace crowns on #10-12-13-14.

Managing Bone Growth

Pre-op, treatment plan, surgery and post-op case details

Start to Finish Case, 
In-depth Analysis

Includes the exact processes and tools used to achieve these incredible results

Support Guide to Achieve Predictable Results

Precise planning from start-to-finish.

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Utilizing our in-house services allows your patient’s implant and restoration to be precisely planned from start-to-finish.

The Argon K3Pro™ precision fully guided drills and surgical guide also work in harmony so the treatment plan matches the outcome, as they ensure depth stop and angulation.

Optimize the aesthetic result at implant placement with a custom tissue former or custom temporary abutment and crown.

Step-by-step precision fully guided drilling protocol

Provide a comfortable patient experience while optimizing aesthetics

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